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Our Mission

Kingston has a great number of very highly skilled, highly trained professionals within the city that can meet the needs of the people. The problem is, as you've seen in the news, particularly with physicians, there's not enough of them. So patients end up going to the emergency department for non-urgent issues.

Our Mission is to enhance access to non-emergent health care services. We aim to establish the first hybrid Nurse Practitioner led clinic in Ontario. We will be able to provide both comprehensive health care services to membership clients; and an additional walk-in urgent care clinic with an open door policy.

We believe strongly in equitable access to health care services for all and will continue advocating for OHIP billing privileges for Nurse Practitioner services. We encourage all persons to sign our petition and demand the Ontario Government provide funding for all health care services that reasonably should be covered under the Provincial Health Insurance Plan.

We Can't Do This Without You


Tell Your MPP & MP

Please get in touch with your MP and your MPP to let them know that you are concerned about the healthcare situation in Kingston and you believe that our mission can make the difference in our community.


Share With Friends

Our community is made up of friends and family. If you believe that Kingston healthcare is experiencing a crisis and that our solution can help alleviate the problem for your friends and family, please send them to!


Register With Us

Please register your support for our Nurse Practitioner led clinic by clicking "Register Your Support" anywhere on this page, enter your contact information, and we will continue to keep you fully informed on our progress.

Who are we?

We are a group of Kingston-Area Nurse Practitioners and Allied Health Care Providers already practicing in Kingston

We see, first-hand, the potential of Nurse Practitioners to meet the health care needs of our community, and we want to utilize Nurse Practitioners and Allied Health professionals to help address the primary care crisis in Kingston. We submitted a Business Proposal to Ontario Health in 2023 seeking provincial funding to support expansion of primary care services at no cost to citizens. Sadly, the Ontario Health Team declined provincial funding for our project; and many other Ontario Nurse Practitioner Clinic proposals. As a result, thousands of Kingstonians, and millions of Ontarians will remain without access to essential health care services. While we remain committed to advocating for public funds for these services, we recognize that many people will suffer worsening health outcomes without access to health care. We feel it is in the best interest of the public to move forward with the establishment of a local NP led clinic as soon as reasonably possible, and we are exploring other funding options, including private pay options, to ensure the establishment of expanded local health care services.

Project Leads

Maryanne Green, BScN, RN-EC, MN-NP
Catherine Hayhoe, RN, BScN

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Nurse Practitioner

Nurse Practitioners are health care professionals with an advanced degree that allows us the ability to not just assess a patient, but to order diagnostic tests, to be able to confirm a diagnosis and to be able to come up with a treatment plan for that patient.


Whats the timeline for opening the proposed clinic?

We are looking at opening the clinic sometime mid to late 2024, depending on the funding we are able to secure.


How much will an annual membership cost?

We are currently evaluating the best options to ensure our clients receive team based comprehensive care services at reasonable and affordable rates.


How many patients do you expect to be able to register?

Registration for members will advance in stages. We do not have a limit on memberships at this time. You do however need to be 18 years of age to register. The NP clinic will unveil its plan for dependants at a later date.


Are there other similar clinics in Ontario?

There are currently 25 Nurse Practitioner run clinic in Ontario with the closest being in Belleville. It is however our Mission is to create the first hybrid Nurse Practitioner led clinic in Ontario. We will be able to provide both primary health care services to registered patients and an additional

walk-in urgent care clinic with an open door policy.


What will be your hours of operation?

The growth of this project will be advanced in stages. It is anticipated that during the initial stages hours of operation will be 8am-4pm. At the time of full operations we will include after hour services.

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